The Journey –

                                            Journey to the City on the Hill

A little background to this story. I was spending some time with the Lord and in about as close to an audible voice that I have heard said “Get a pen and paper and write this down.” I have see this story proven out over the past 30 years in the Christian Walk. It is similar to several other allegories but the truth is the same. Be encouraged when you do not know what lies ahead that God will guide you and take heed of the paths that will lead you astray.

This is a journey that all believers must travel to get to the promise land. One day I was walking and I heard my name being called and it seemed to be coming from a high mountain, far off, which was thought to be where the Holy City of God was. The voice called my name and it was calling me to come. It was gentle and quiet but yet it was powerful and full of warmth and love which was sparse in the land during those days. The journey didn’t look that far away, so I decided to journey to the Holy City. I packed all my worldly goods in to my backpack and started off down the path.

            At first the journey seemed easy and I saw others in front of me and in back of me who were going in the same direction. After a while the trail started to become a little steeper and there were some that turned around and went back, but I continued on. I thought that I was almost to the top of the hill and close to the Holy City, but as I reached the top there were several more hills to travel. I thought about turning around but I heard the voice calling my name but this time it was a little stronger and I could feel more of the warmth and love flowing from the Holy City.

            As I journeyed on, I came to a valley called the lust of the flesh. I saw many people take off down the valley on a trail that looked easier, but something told me that it wasn’t the way. The trail became much steeper and my pack became burdensome, so I threw out some of my worldly goods to lighten the load. I made it over the next hill and into the valley of greed. The valley was very beautiful and I saw many stop here to settle down and build a place to live, but I knew that if I camped here I would die here, so I went on.

            The next hill was even steeper, and I had to continually throw out my worldly goods. I  had to start throwing things out that I thought that I couldn’t do without but I had to in order to continue on. The next hill went by and I came to the last great valley, the valley of pride. Many that I saw on the trail took that path, which was wide and easy, but it only led to destruction.

            Then before me, stood a great mountain that bore the Holy City. I started up the mountain and by this time I could feel a great intense warmth and love coming from the Holy City, that gave me strength to go on. The path became very steep and narrow with great cliffs all along the edge. It became very scary because I saw people going off the trail and falling off the cliffs to their death. I got to the point that I had to throw off my whole pack with all that was left of my worldly goods because it was causing me to veer off the trail. I Could hear the voice much clearer now and it was guiding me up the trail. The trail seemed to almost to disappear and I sometimes got off, but the voice was faithful to always to lead me back. It got to the point that the voice had to guide each of my steps because I couldn’t see the path. The Holy City seemed close now and I could feel its intense warmth and love that strengthened me on the journey and my fear seemed to leave. I knew as long as I listened to the voice that I would make it to the Holy City of God.


“The Journey”                        By Paul Frala 1989


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