The Ways that God Speaks in the Bible

When I speak about hearing God’s voice I mention that I had compiled 81 different ways that God communicated in the Old and New Testaments. People keep asking for the “list” so I decided to compile the list of the different ways that God communicated in the Bible and I came up with 81 different ways. Some are close but there are some differences.

            When I went to seminary for my Old and New Testament class projects I went through the Old and New Testaments and compiled all the different instances of who He spoke to, when He spoke, where He spoke, and how He spoke. My professors thought it was great they had never had a student do such a project. I found it pretty amazing and it has launched me into a lifelong pursuit of learning how to hear God’s voice and help others to join me in the process.

            I could use your help. Please take a look at my list below and if you come up with a new one please send me an email at

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